How to Properly Hang a Poster on the Wall

Young people love to collect posters, especially related to their favorite video games. They will put these on the wall of their apartment, dorm rooms or bedrooms at home. When it comes to hanging a poster on the wall, there’s going to be potential problems of damaging the wall. Basically, you don’t want to crack the wall, leave holes, rip the paint or leave tape marks. The best solution to this issue is to pick better types of fasteners. This method will cost them much money, though. So, let’s talk about it. Do they choose to damage the wall or spend a little bit more money to hang those posters seamlessly and damage-free?

Know the Options

The first option is the poster hanging tape. It’s a common choice among people. What is it exactly? It’s a sticky and adhesive tape that is useful to fix the poster to the wall. The weakness is the level of stickiness. It isn’t able to take off paint when it’s removed. However, it’s the best choice when it comes to temporarily hanging standard posters. Not to mention it won’t damage the wall.

The second option is the glue dots. These are quite handy to hang posters without leaving cracks on the wall. People can use this option for those with painted wall made of concrete blocks. Glue dots are both long-lasting and affordable. The only downside is the durability. These items can’t withstand humidity quite well. People should think twice regarding the climate before using glue dots to hang their posters.

The next option is the Velcro fasteners. These are also called as wall mounting tabs. These are useful to hang posters or other light items on the wall without damaging it. Not to mention people can get these items easily on the local home improvement stores. They are quite expensive but they are long-lasting. That means people should buy these as the investment. It’s better than spending money on wall repair.


Secure the Wall with Good Items

Velcro mounted hooks are the next option. These types of items are quite similar to regular mounting tabs. However, there’s a significant difference. These are specifically used to secure heavier posters. People who want to hang posters with a frame should choose these items. Heavy posters may damage the wall badly if they aren’t attached well with good fasteners. Due to their exclusiveness, the items are quite expensive to buy. Not all people like Velcro mounted hooks because there are many other affordable options in the marketplace.

The Takeaway

In summary, people are free to choose the items to hang their posters on the wall. Those items prevent the damage on the wall, in fact. With all of these options, people can safely attach decorations and posters on the wall. Even though some of those products are expensive, these can be beneficial for the long run.

Damaging a wall, especially if it’s at home can be avoided with these simple tips on using the proper mounting hardware. This indeed may cost more to repair. That’s why people should spend more money to purchase good items to hang their posters seamlessly. They don’t even need to hire an expert to put those posters on the wall.


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