What Posters in Your Room Says About Your Personality

Many teens or adults who are immersed in a variety of entertainment such as movies, music, sports, video games and many more show their love in the form of posters. The poster is a way for the lovers of movies to show their love to the actors in the movie. If someone loves a certain genre of music, then they will also be displaying posters of their favorite bands or performer on their bedroom wall. The poster displayed on your wall can also show your personality.

So, what is your poster personality?

Do you like music? When you love music, you can also have a personality as a musician. This is a kind of fairness. You can see people who love to play music, they will definitely show their passion for the art of music through posters. For example, if you like to play guitar, then your favorite guitarist (such as Slash from legendary rock band Guns‘n Roses) on your room wall.

That is all when we see it from the physical aspect of your hobby. You can also see it from the mental aspect, or as a form of inspiration. In this case, you can show your interest on something because you feel or want to be like as showed in the poster. For instance, you might just put a poster of Jennifer Lawrence because you want to be like her, and everything you feel she embodies – beauty, courage, confidence, and strength. Having the poster hanging in your room can serve as an inspiration for you to strive to be like your idol.

Another example, if you like a football team or a soccer player, then you definitely put their poster on the wall of your room. This is usually done by men. Why would men like to put some soccer player posters in their room? The reason is because they are proud of the players so that they also want to be like those football players. They live vicariously through these players, as if they were playing in the sport themselves.


However, there are many people who like a variety of things at once. For example, you might like a football player, movie actor, and a singer. Then you put three types of posters on the wall. It shows the different sides of your personality. You may have a favorite movie, actor/actress or sports team, but you may eventually outgrow them, or have a new inspiration. New posters will then decorate the walls of your room.

In summary, a poster on your room wall can show your personality but it is not always true. Some people may have some posters because they just want to make the room look great and have the walls pop with their many diverse passions.

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